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Chicks for Mike!
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Monday, October 1st, 2007
6:42 pm
Hello? Are Jared and his friends still alive? Who knows? Me. This is possibly the deadest community EVAR! No chicks for Mike... maybe we should try Chicks for Jared. or Welcome Punk Chicks one and all. Anyway... booga booga booga! I'm an OGRE! Caffiennsefdjdkvdikzdvjiszdvhszhvsuahakcv unxunzhucnvg fxfngv xnhv nh xnvnzxhxzszuzhzuhv nbu asufau sbd bu b bugf uy gy gyreuygfuwryw w w u f fu f yf grey iv is ii go goobjefj eif hdhgert dooglejesddb? yes.

Current Mood: w00t!
Thursday, December 29th, 2005
6:14 pm
Deep Blue Bungee Jump?
Chicks for Mike shall never die! Everyone! Turn you voices on high and you heads towards the sky! We will scream prayers untill all our enemies cry! Boo-YAH! Anyway... D&d on Tuesday went good. Charlie (Morsoress, I thought it was spelled Morcerous but the truth has been revealed) came up with a good plan to take down the Huge Zombie that happened to guarding the temple they were trying to enter. The Plan involved alot of Holy Water, A Green Dragon, an Earth Elemental, two archers, and punching it in the knee. It worked wonderfully. We ended the game before they entered the temple (so i can make it bigger and badder... and... BLADDER!). Waa.. Thats about it, they also fought some Ghouls and a Ghast. Uh, yeah, thats about it... Untill next time! - The D.M.

(TIE Fighters: The Kobolds of Space)
Friday, December 23rd, 2005
9:16 pm
Happy Holidays to everyone in Chicks for Mike!
Merry- Happy- Joyous- Somethingous- Otherthingous- Celebration of some sorts or whatever. Drive safe, play hard (not too hard), and bring me my EggNogg. Bitch. C'mon everyone out there! If you'e reading this you should (or have) join(ed) Chicks for Mike! There will be no D&d news untill after Tuesday. We might play some of Charlie's game before mine, so that should be interesting. He is going to run a Holy Quest type of game with lots of riddles and moral dilemmas. I will be playing a Cleric of Zeus, other players are undertermined. Yes, the Olympian Pantheon. Should be an interesting break from the Greyhawk dieties. Well, Happy Gaming to all and to all a d20. - The D.M.

(Oh... Yeah)
Top Ten Signs You Pissed Off the Villagers

1.The "interesting new stew" you've been served at the inn smells suspiciously like sewage.
2.One ripe apple at the market place costs more than your last spellbook.
3.They're building a gallows outside of your room at the inn. They try to tell you that it's "modern art".
4.One of them asks you for a donation for the "Hire Some Thugs to Kill the Adventurers" fund.
5.Someone glued a spike to your saddle.
6.At bed time, your goose-down pillow explodes. The innkeeper says that the pillow was made from the feathers of very angry geese.
7.People keep providing you with gifts of horses, and maps out of town.
8.The mayor declares a special "Murder of Foreigners is No Longer Illegal" day, in your honour.
9.Arrows keep appearing in the dirt at your feet. Local villagers shake their head, and claim that they are fast-growing weeds.
10.The villagers hire a band of trolls to rid their town of adventurers.

(Credit to MoonHunter from Strolen.com)

Current Mood: geeky
8:10 pm
okay, so we have to find chicks for mike..

anyways. how is everyone? we totally need more people in this community. ;_;

Current Mood: i just like the horns ^.~
Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
1:04 am
Boobs are great..so is mike.

yay boobs and mike
1:00 am
Chicks for mike is now open for business!!! Feel free to chat about what you will, when you will, if you have the will. Free willy?
1:01 am
thats hot
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